2-14-19 Be my Valentine ♥️🤮

Warm up

1 min plate jumps

1 min mountain climbers

1 min sit ups

1 min burpees


2 rounds

Perform 14 of each movement

V - ‘v’ ups (touch hands to feet w legs straight, balancing on butt)

A - arm circles (5 lb weight) - arms make a T, move fwd in a small circluar motion, bkwd in second round.

L - lunges

E - explosive push up (explode from ground when pushing up, kind of like a claping push up, w/o the clap)

N - nothing > 1 min rest!

T - toes to bar

I - inch worms

N - negative air squats (desend 5 seconds, explode back up)

E - elbow plank (hold for max effort, as long as you can).


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