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St. Peters, St. Charles, O'Fallon, Wentzville & Surrounding areas in Missouri



"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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     Long story short, (first comes love, then comes marriage)  I married my high school sweetheart in 2010 (then comes baby in the baby carriage) and together we have two rambunctious little boys that keep me on my toes.  Our lives are a little crazy, but that's not too unusual for anyone! We've always somehow incorporated fitness in our relationship.  We did meet at track practice while stretching after all (but I'll save that story for another time).  Chuck, my husband, has always pushed me to pursue my goals and dreams.  To  say I'm lucky is an understatement.  He saw my passion for fitness, helping people of all age's reach their goals, and helped me turn my dream into a reality!


     I attended Lindenwood University where I competed on a National level for 2 years.   In 2010, I graduated from Lindenwood with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education, as well as received my Masters in Education in 2014 with an Emphasis in Autism.  I spent 8 years at The Center for Autism Education where my second passion was born,  working with Special Needs individuals.  I fell in love with being apart of teaching these children with multiple diagnoses functional life skills that will set their future up to be as independent as possible.  Over time, I noticed there was a high need for these individuals to move their bodies and found a way to bring my two passions together!  I am currently  a Level-1 Certified CrossFit trainer at CrossFit O'Fallon, where I train classes and one-on-one sessions of all ages and fitness levels.  My passion is to help people learn to love the process of bettering themselves through functional fitness.     


Get Moving today

I am looking forward to meeting you and being apart of your fitness journey to becoming an even better version of yourself!  Check out links below, athlete testimonials, and get moving today!


Athlete testimonials 

"Working out is great, it makes my body more under control.  My lower body is so stiff and the exercises help loosen me up.  Cross-training is helping me get my body to follow directions that it doesn't want to follow.  My favorite activity is The Farmer's Carry, it helps me stretch and get sensory input in my joints.  Stephanie is awesome, she treats me like an adult and pushes me.  I hope I am making her proud." 

Adam M

October, 2018

"Matt is quite tentative with physical activity, and is overly concerned about getting hurt.  The fact that Stephanie got him to hang from a bar is big, and it was very rewarding seeing him be so proud of himself.  Training with Stephanie clearly helped him with his play, which required him to do some physical moves, including squatting down, and he did really well with that."

Matt's Dad

January, 2019

"Will has really taken to training sessions with Stephanie, evidence by his wanting to do extra work on the bike or rower.  Will has bursts of hyperactivity, and we've noticed he's calmer at home after sessions since he's been able to burn off his energy.  He is inspired by Stephanie pushing him (to get "ripped"), and I think he likes competing with his brother!  I've noticed in basketball this year that his strength gains are helping a lot with his shooting."

Will's Dad

Jan, 2019

"I've been surprised by how much they like cross-training with Stephanie.  They both tell me howmuch they like it and look forward to going.  I've had them in a bunch of different sports, and while they like participating for the social aspects, they like the activities Stephanie does with them (except burpees!) and push themselves while they are there.  Stephanie's ability to keep it fun and positive, while pushing them to challenge themselves is huge.  They enjoy that this is something they get to do together, and have kept me accountable to show up on days I would have preferred to skip."

Jeremy C.

January, 2019

"Carsten is  excited to attend Stephanie's kidsfit classes.  He loves the physical part of class and needs to burn the energy.  He wants to compete even when he should be focused on other goals in the class.  She keeps challenging him to improve, and doesn't let him off the hook"

Carsten's Dad

January, 2019




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